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    I have not and I've had mine for 2 period. I'd...

    I have not and I've had mine for 2 period. I'd say go for it, same when you start to see problems that should be 5 + life ulterior, which means that you soul your money's worth out of it and likely...
  2. Flock is a free web application supported on...

    Flock is a free web application supported on Mozilla tech, mature mostly from inspiration Mozilla Firefox. Flock also designates the reputation of the organization that develops it. It is also...
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    RAIDON iH2420, SSD and HDD

    SATA hard drive and SSD in a housing. In the new hybrid Runner-frames bring both their advantages to iron out the disadvantages of the other. The hard drive allows virtually any amount of hits, the...
  4. Oracle ensemble vs. Google improbable to prompt Java fork, specialist says

    Oracles complaint against Google more than Java patent might set against various people in the Java space, but the proceedings is not possible to prompt a forking of the Java stage itself, the...
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    Diablotek Rage 128 Pro Video Card


    Installed Memory: 30
    Interface Type: Video - 15 pin High-Density D-shell (VGA)
    Video Chipset: ATI RAGE 128 PRO
    Slot Type: PCI

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    Helicon Ape 3.0.0037

    Helicon Ape is realized as managed IIS7 module, but installed as .NET module on any ASP.NET friendly IIS version also. It works clearly for both server and client and installed on shared hosting...
  7. Deleting Password of admin in Windows 7

    Hello Guys

    I purchased new PC and it is already has Windows 7. But my friend set password and I want to delete this password but I am unable to delete it.

    So please tell me how to remove Admin...
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    HTC needs its own OS

    HTC, company expert in smart phones, wants its own mobile OS. This is Cheng Hui-ming, chief executive, who spoke with Bloomberg. The interest is fairly obvious society is now dependent on Microsoft...
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    In Ajax, The log contains a database table named...

    In Ajax, The log contains a database table named blog_info, where the log ID for log_username, log entitled log_Title, parameters for the log username.
    Using this info, you can start to make the...
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    The main hardware part of any computer is the motherboard. All other part of computer hardware, from the keyboard, mouse, CPU and RAM to expansion cards, all attach into the motherboard. It is also...
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    The parameters are plays a very important role in...

    The parameters are plays a very important role in the database. It defines the structure of database. The parameters are stored in the database file named parameter files.

    There are two types of...
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    You can declare ToString method with the...

    You can declare ToString method with the following modifiers:

    public override string ToString(){}

    The following code returns the data specific to a particular instance of the class. Just try to...
  13. Range of 700 kbps to 1mb is not so bad, that test...

    Range of 700 kbps to 1mb is not so bad, that test you did was at the time of the slow opening web pages?

    play online with Internet radio is like that because any little interference from the...
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    PowerArchiver 11.62

    PowerArchiver presents hundreds of features, up till now ruins simple to use, undersized and quick. Novice user will discover a well-known interface inclusive with tutorial and full facilitate,...
  15. Enermax has confidence in the reliability of its power and shows

    Good news for buyers, past, present and future food Revolution85 + Enermax Galaxy or EVO. Originally sold with a warranty of 3 years, these blocks are now covered for 5 years! The reason for this...
  16. It is not a problem related to the Internet...

    It is not a problem related to the Internet connection. As you said before you have freshly installed the newest Windows 7 OS in your PC. It is possible that the version set upped by you might be a...
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    Zaward unveils a new heat sink

    Zaward recently introduced a new heat sink, the Vapor 12. Measuring 120 x 50 x 160 millimeters and a weight of 684 grams, is made of many strips of aluminum crossed by three copper heat pipes of 8...
  18. Problem related to temperature of CPU and GPU

    Hello everyone. I have an Intel Core 2 duo E7400 2.8GHz, ASUS P5KPL-CM motherboard, 2 GB DDR-2 800 MHz RAM, XFX GeForce 9400 GT 512 MB based system. Whenever I switch on my system the CPU temp shows...
  19. A new high-end CPU cooler from Thermaltake

    For some time that Thermaltake had further attempted to recover the performance crown from the side of the heat sink. The Taiwanese company will try to fix this by launching a new monster, codenamed...
  20. The TRIM available on the Samsung MLC SSD

    Corsair has recently published on his forum a firmware supporting the TRIM control of Windows 7 on SSD P64, P128 and P256, Samsung signed (clones PB22J). The update unfortunately loses all data on...
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    Zoom Player

    Zoom Player is music as well as video playing application that works on Windows operating systems. The player can playback whichever program that is capable to play on a computer so long as the...
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    Your idea regarding a caution to others regarding...

    Your idea regarding a caution to others regarding an Intel microprocessor RMA is a good one, there’s nothing superior to your own private experience, if you wish to get the time as well as write...
  23. Fujitsu enhances the production of graphene

    Graphene, a component found in 2004, is (for some) the material of the future: indeed, this two-dimensional crystal from carbon is stronger than steel (about 200 times) and 6 times lighter. More...
  24. The editing tool bar shows the formula saved in...

    The editing tool bar shows the formula saved in the active cell. If you want excel to display all formulas of a worksheet at the same time, open 'Tools/Formula Auditing/Formula Auditing Mode'. This...
  25. AOC E936Swa/E2236sa/E2236Vsa/E2436Swa: Four very efficient monitors

    Company AOC released information on four monitors, which will go on sale in January 2010. All four models are equipped with screens with LED-backlit, which allows them to be very economical. Thus,...
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