When you take away a folder from Photo Gallery, you do not erase it from your computer. If you eliminate a folder, Photo Gallery will no longer present the pictures and videos that were in that folder, though the folder will stay in your computer.

You can take away folders that which you have added to the photo gallery, but you can't take away the folders which are already added in photo gallery by default. Eliminating a folder stop it from being displayed in Photo Gallery. While you can eliminate folders from Photo Gallery, you can't remove individual pictures or videos. You can, however, erase pictures from Photo Gallery at all time. If you erase a picture it is erased from your computer as if you removed it from the Pictures folder.

In addition, you can't eliminate a subfolder without eliminating its top-level folder as well. In the following example, the user can erase the folder which has a particular name as Family, which will also take away all of its subfolders. However, you can't eliminate only the folder called Children or Grandparents.

You can't eliminate a subfolder from Photo Gallery without eliminating its top-level folder the user have to Open the Windows Photo Gallery by clicking on the Start button, which is located on the left side of the taskbar and select the All Programs, from the Start menu and after that click on the Windows Photo Gallery.

In the Direction-finding pane, just right-click the folder which the user you want and after that eliminate it and finally click on the Remove from Gallery.